Yohji Yamamoto pour homme Spring Summer 2016
Yohji Yamamoto pour homme Spring Summer 2016  show footageThe starting point was to deconstruct a full body jacket into vertical stripes, straight or curved, striding across the different parts of the garment. Trimmed with pipping or raw-edged, these embedded stripes were the underlying element that defined the shape of each jacket. If you open up a vent on some parts, you’ll have to squeeze it somewhere else to balance it all out. A very experimental and advanced tailoring technique was required to accomplish such a task. Then, Yohji asked for all of those vertical stripes to be turned into darts for the colorful printed jackets. Why? Simply, because we needed to see the printed motifs well. So the pattern makers translated the stripes into discreet darts.


The other theme in the collection was about a collaboration with a young artist. The colorful looks in the first half of the show and the drawing sketches on black suits towards the end are the pieces in question.
Yuuka Asakura is a promising painter, studying at Joshibi University in Tokyo.
The drawings of «Skelton Yohji» remind of what his first assistant Tadashi Kubo said once in an interview for Dazed & Confused by Suzanne Madsen:
“The motif was sparked by a conversation with Tadashi Kubo, about what will happen to the brand when the designer retires. Even after he will be gone, he will somehow still be working, or existing as a symbol, a residual image. His spirit and soul will keep on being solicited in many ways. That’s where the whole idea came from. To represent Yohji as a living skull, still working hard, down to the bone!”Lighting and scenography by Masao Nihei
Hair styling by Martin Cullen
Make-up by Jenny Coombs
Music by Jiro Amimoto

Music credits:
– Living in France by The Fliptones
– Out of Time by Plug & Magic
– James Bond Theme by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
– The Trembler by Duane Eddy
– Murr Mur by Mugison
– Poupee de cire Poupee de son by The Hillbilly Moon Explosion http://youtu.be/avSIrGnn6Zk

Yohji Yamamoto pour homme Spring Summer 2016 – Oficial Web  here.
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